Caring Tips

Caring for your nails:

Nail care can be a simple process once you start considering the following tips and take adequate measures to implement them in your daily routine:

  • Increase the intake of calcium, iron, potassium and Vitamin B by adding seafood, soy, celery and dairy products in your regular diet.
  • Never forget your gloves to protect your fingernails from dust and strong chemicals while cleaning dishes or other household objects and gardening.
  • Spare your nails from the jobs of scraping off surfaces or opening boxes or lids of the containers. You have specific tools for all these jobs.
  • Avoid biting your nails to prevent them from getting unhealthy and ugly to look at.
  • Washing and cleaning with soaps tend to make your hands and nails dry and thus it is always good to use a moisturizer or cream to hydrate them. You may also use non-drying nail lotions to moisturize your fingernails daily.
  • Indulge yourself with frequent soft massage on both hands and feet to help blood flow.

Vivian became a Nail Tech at the age of 16. She did nails in the States for 8 years before moving to Australia.

Before starting her own business here at Allure, Vivian has worked as a Manager at Diamond Nails in Highpoint Shopping Centre and at Odyssey Nails in Sunshine Market Place for the total of 5 years.

With fast, friendly service and professional style, Vivian makes glamour easy.